Cilantro Lime Hummus


Hummus dip with a fresh summertime lime zing. What could get better than that?

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Back to the Basics

With all the noise that comes from the many social media sites sometimes what is considered healthy gets rather skewed. Many new diet ideas are shared and often we fall prey to the ever changing idea of healthy. This article is a great resource to help people distinguish what claims and ideas carry truth and which ones are merely fads and good ideas.

Nutrition noise: what should you trust?


Mediterranean Chicken Quinoa Bowls

Mmmmmm. Nothing says SUMMER like a bowl of FRESH and colorful ingredients. This combination of garden vegetables, freshly cut herbs, squeezed lemon, quinoa, chicken, and feta cheese will satisfy that summertime craving. Super quick and easy. Cook the quinoa, chop the vegetables, toss it all together, and wallah! You have dinner.

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Beef & Broccoli Pesto Pasta


Looking for creative ways to use that head of broccoli that’s been sitting in your fridge for a couple days now? This pesto sauce is a perfect solution. It’s a great way to flavorfully and painlessly make vegetables the main part of your dinner tonight. The sauce is a flavor blast of garlic, parmesan, and broccoli all in one. Seared beef adds protein and iron to your plate while a bed of noodles is a great way to refuel after a long day with some needed carbohydrates.

This meal is especially good for long distance female endurance athletes because of it’s iron and vitamin-C content. To read more about the importance of iron in these athletes, check out the following article written by Kristi Spence MS, RDN, CSSD on The vitamin-C found in broccoli will help the iron from the beef be better absorbed in the body.

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Yogurt Balls-with a twist



Hey, it’s Jackie!

Figured I would start the blog off right by sharing a twist on one of my all time favorite recipes. Ask any of my friends, yogurt balls are a permanent staple in my diet. They make a great snack for anytime of the day. The oats and whole wheat flour make these a great whole grain option at breakfast, on the go, or as a compliment to a meal. Honey and chocolate chips add some quick sugar to not only satisfy the sweet tooth craving but add sources of quick energy for a pre-workout snack. Yogurt adds a significant source of protein (24 grams per cup of plain greek yogurt!) that not only helps keep you satisfied, but can also add an important element of recovery nutrition for a post-workout bite.

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