Peanut Butter Balls


Nothing but that glorious peanut butter and chocolate combination rolled together in one ball of happiness and energy. It’s basic people. Carbs (chocolate chips, honey & oats), protein (peanut butter), and an extra boost of omega-3s (flax seed). Sounds like one heck of a pre or post workout treat to me!

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Fresh Fiesta Bowl

DSC_0020 (1)

Taco nights, BBQs, potlucks, appetizers, snacks…this fiesta bowl covers it all! Imagine a flavor explosion of fresh peppers, cherry tomatoes, corn, onion, garlic, avocado, and lemon. All served on a salted tortilla chip or homemade wheat tortilla. Or even straight out of the bowl on a spoon. Whichever method of eating you decide to attack this bowl with, know that the result will be a happy and healthy stomach following said fiesta bowl consumption.

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Chocolate Coconut Brownie Bliss Ice-Cream


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! You’ll be hearing extra yells when you make homemade chocolate coconut ice-cream with giant chunks of brownie, coconut flakes, and almonds dazzling each bite of this blissful dessert.

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Heaven aka Black Bean Brownies

Ooey gooey chocolate goodness. And it’s good for you too! Eat them warm, eat them cold, eat them at night, eat them at breakfast. Black bean brownies are an all-around win win situation for everyone involved!

DSC_0017 (1)

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Savory Chickpea Flatbread


While visiting the Czech Republic earlier this year, I had a taste of something new and delicious and automatically fell in love. It was a flourless chickpea pancake, made for a friend who is gluten free due to a diagnosis of Celiac’s Disease. I tried the pancake completely plain, which was enough to make my mouth water, but kept dreaming of various combinations that could adorn the top of the flatbread. I could hardly wait to get back to my kitchen in the USA and start experimenting. I’ve tried peanut butter & bananas along with a more savory spin of turkey, tomato, and avocado pictured above. It really depends on my momentary craving to say what combination is the best, but I have come back time and time again to the savory flatbread.

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Misconceptions of a Gluten-Free Diet

DSC_0006 (1)

Among all the fad diets that this world has to offer, one that is growing in popularity is that of a gluten-free diet. It is not shocking to find out that a new celebrity, athlete, or neighbor has discovered that they have gluten intolerance; now allowing them to fit into their skinny jeans and run a marathon. Claims of weight loss and increased energy levels identify the gluten-free diet, making it no surprise that people of all dietary needs are experimenting with this way of eating. So what are the benefits? Are there any? While the media may suggest that gluten-free diets provide extraordinary health benefits, it is wise to take a step back and see the reality of what eliminating gluten does for the body.

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Secrets to Successfully Freezing Fresh Berries


It’s hard to find something that makes me happier than picking a giant bowl of berries on a cool summer morning. And while I can eat a TON of those little suckers, sometimes there are more berries than you can handle.

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