Hello There



My name is Jackie and it’s good to meet you! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through some of the recipes on Scrumyumptious and find something that suits your fancy! I am a lover of running & nutrition, and want to share that passion with you all. Right now I am a student-athlete at Utah State University. I’m in my junior year of the dietetics program and hope to become a Registered Dietician in the near future. I run cross country and distance track for the Aggies. The longer the race, the better! Unfortunately the longest event on the track is only 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) but I look forward to racing in marathons and half-marathons once I graduate. Some of my favorite things in life are all things mountains, trail runs, peanut butter, greek yogurt, chocolate chips, wool socks, messy buns, baby cows, the color yellow, singing at the top of my lungs in the “privacy” of my car, and spending time laughing with friends and family. And not particularly in that order 🙂

One of my favorite mottos is to “Fear Not”. I believe that our Heavenly Father has a plan for every person on this Earth. We can trust in that plan when hard times come. I like to write that phrase on my hand before a big race to help me remember that I’m not alone. Choose faith over fear.


My good friend, Hannah, is also a student-athlete studying dietetics with me at Utah State. Yes, we sound like we have the same life on paper and spend lots of time together during the school year (every class, practice, traveling, etc). Hannah has a great perspective on keeping a balance in life when it comes to healthy eating. So get excited for her to chime in from time to time!

I hope this website will give you a vision of how you can enjoyably and realistically live a healthy lifestyle without being a slave to your diet plan. Because we all know how those go…

Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard or a drudgery. Look forward to and enjoy the food you eat. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Keep it yum. And remember, chocolate is a vitamin 🙂 Welcome to the Scrumyumptious family!