Secrets to Successfully Freezing Fresh Berries


It’s hard to find something that makes me happier than picking a giant bowl of berries on a cool summer morning. And while I can eat a TON of those little suckers, sometimes there are more berries than you can handle.



Some people make jams or jellies, but I prefer to keep them as fresh as possible by simply freezing them. The trick is to keep them from clumping together. The solution? Laying them out on a cookie sheet overnight before putting them in a freezer bag!



Letting each berry freeze individually before throwing them all in together eliminates any potential frozen berry clumps. This allows you to enjoy the sweet taste of summer all through the winter in whatever dishes you please. My favorites are oatmeal, yogurt, berry crisp, and smoothie bowls.

Freezing Berries

  1. Pick berries
  2. Wash and allow berries to air dry on a clean dish towel
  3. Place on cookie sheet
  4. Freeze berries overnight on a sheet pan
  5. Throw the berries together in a freezer bag, store in freezer
  6. Enjoy in all your favorite recipes, all year long!!

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